we will all laugh at gilded butterflies
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    Yes it is.
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    ^^ THIS. Just because it’s called size doesn’t mean it’s not a size. If they rename it, it’s still the same size. Who...
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    the way this is worded is very ignorant. which is why i have every right to ignore everything you just said.
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    Last time I checked 0 was a size. I’m a size in some stores, and a 2 in others. I’m 5’10” and 115 pounds. I don’t have...
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    I’ve gotten shit for being so thin my whole life too - I remember people asking me if I was bulimic or anorexic…and why...
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    Thank god for this post. I was hated on all last year for being tiny, I was told everyday how small I was and how I need...
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    i don’t know those sizes because i live in australia and is litterally NOT A SIZE. But yeah i’m an extra small and i...
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    ^ Or everyone can have glory? I’m a size as well and I’m also sick of seeing images that are singling out girls just for...
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    Maybe because for years, we curvier girls got picked on and picked on. Now, people are finally realizing that curves are...
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    funny how sophia bush is at most a size 1…
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